Repeater Info

The Coastal Amateur Radio Society currently operates the open repeaters listed below:

147.330 + 203.5 tone – W4LHS
New Equipment was installed and this repeater is now back on the air with Echolink available. This repeater is located on the WSAV TV Tower on Victory Drive (Lat/Lon: 32 2′ 49″ N, 81 4′ 41″ W) and provides good coverage to most areas of Chatham County; with the best coverage being to the downtown and East side areas of Savannah. This repeater is now linked to the Georgia Conference on Echolink.

147.210 + 210.7 tone – W4LHS
This repeater is located on the top of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge (Lat/Lon: 32 5′ 21″ N, 81 5′ 55″ W) in downtown Savannah. It provides excellent coverage to downtown Savannah and is the repeater of choice when we participate in events held in the historic district downtown.

442.700 + no tone – W4LHS
The CARS UHF repeater, located on the WSAV TV tower on Little Neck Road (Lat/Lon: 32 3′ 32″ N, 81 17′ 54″ W). The antenna for this repeater sits at about 850 ft., making it the highest repeater antenna in the Savannah area. It provides excellent coverage to much of Chatham, Bryan, and Effingham Counties around Savannah and points further South along Highway 95. When conditions are good, it can even be accessed as far South as Brunswick, GA in Glynn County. Echolink is available on this repeater. The Sunday night ragchew net is at 8:30 pm.

The Tybee crossband link is back in service. Use 146.34 simplex with a tone of 91.5. You both talk and listen on the 146.34 frequency. This has been tested with HTs and works throughout the island. The link uses 45 watts and a gain antenna to access 442.70. 

146.970 – 123.0hz tone –
This is the first of two repeaters CARS acquired several years ago as part of the shutdown of the Amateur Radio Club of Savannah (ARCS). For many years it has been to primary repeater in the Savannah area and provides excellent coverage to most of Chatham County, Effingham and Bryan Counties. It is located on the WJCL tower on the West side of Savannah. This repeater serves as the primary repeater for the local ARES group and hosts an ARES net every Thursday evening now starting at 7:30 pm.

146.880 & 146.700 repeaters are no longer in service

D-STAR Repeaters

KK4SGC A – 1282.74 (-12)

KK4SGC B – 440.5875 (+5)

KK4SGC C- 144.94 (+2.5)

K4VYX – Savannah DMR – 442.8125 +5mhz for Tx

Other Area Repeaters – courtesy of Mac KF4LMT

Guyton –

  • 146.745 – W4ECA (PL 97.4)


  • 147.105 – KF4DG, dual mode Analog/Yaesu Fusion
  • 145.280 – KJ4GGV-C DSTAR
  • 440.700 – KJ4GGV-B DSTAR


  • 443.300 – KA4CID 97.4 tone Echolink (linked with 146.685 in Dover Bluff)


  • 146.985 – WA4EPK (PL 100.0) Echolink (linked with 146.685 in Dover Bluff)


  • 145.330 – KG4PXG (PL 131.8) Echolink

Dover Bluff

  • 146.685 – KG4PXG (PL 131.8) Echolink (linked with 146.985 in Darien)


  • 147.195 – N6EMA (PL 118.8) Echolink
  • 147.270 – K4QHR (PL 127.3)
  • 444.200 – K4QHR (PL 127.3) P25 Capable


  • 146.865 – N4ZON (PL 141.3)