Get ’em While They’re Hot!

The usual “No-work Club” boys showed up this morning at Butter Bean Beach to try some after the 4th POTA contacts. Russ, K4YGD, brought his Xiegu 6100 with a new 20M antenna. Jack, NW4TF, got it up in a tree nearby so Russ could fire away. Despite not being very high, the new antenna did a great job and Russ made a contact with an Illinois station on 20 meters at 20 watts.

Jack got to work setting up his dipole antenna and connected it to his Elecraft. You can see him and Tony, W4TYB, getting contacts right away. Jack wound up with 37 contacts. We decided the rest of the HAMS were either recovering from the holiday or avoiding the heat. There was little to be had.

     Billy, Bryan, and Lowell stayed off to the side and solved the world’s problems with enlightening and sometimes colorful conversations. If you’d like to join us you are most welcome. Jack sends out an email on Tuesday nights after a weather check to let us know the where and when. Just let us know and we’ll get you on the email list.


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