Ham Radio Licensing Study Resources

At this point, CARS has not scheduled any licensing classes due to the many scheduling conflicts we have encountered with prospective students.

There is now so much free and low-cost material on the internet that we are providing this page highlighting the resources our instructors have found to be the most useful.

Licensing starts with the Technician class license and progresses to General and Extra class levels.

First the Technician study material: we recommend the ARRL license manuals. They are a good reference after the class is over. ARRL or Amazon sells them. Make sure it is the current edition.

Info on all three license classes can be found here:


This is the ARRL link for the licensing study material:


If you want to buy from Amazon please make sure you have the correct edition as listed on the ARRL site as the question pool changes and the newest edition is not always what Amazon will show you.

A nice video series from KE0OG that tracks the ARRL manual is available on youtube:


is the link for the complete playlist.

For a paid solution this site is the best resource to actually pass your test. Affordable and they guarantee results:


A handy cram guide is available from KB6NU, who also offers a paid series for the higher classes:


For the General and Extra Class study, all the above resources will have links to the more advanced license material.

One of the more useful sites for reviewing the actual questions that are on the exam is:


where you can find interactive study tests, as well as all the test questions. I recommend you are passing sample tests at 85-90% before taking your exam. If you are really gung-ho, you can review all potential questions in the pool so there are no surprises on the test.

Best of luck,

Lowell NY4D
CARS Education Committee