Club Officers

Club Officers

The officers are nominated by a selection committee and voted on by the entire club membership. The officers serve a one year term and are eligible for re-election.

Officers for 2022:

President – Jack Lytjen, NW4TF

Vice President – Mike Hutson, KM4SPL

2nd Vice President – Ray Morin KO4MFZ

Treasurer – Anne Miller, KK4ICS

Secretary – Bill Elmore, KG4SZS

Trustee W4LHS – Jack Lytjen NW4TF

Trustee KK4SGC -tbd due to K4SDJ being a silent key

Board Member 2020-2022 Tony Abruzzio W4TYB
Board Member 2020-2022 Chuck Towles – N4KKD
Board Member 2022-24 Paul Ecker – W2ECK
Board Member 2022-24 Kevin Bell – KW4B
Board Member 2021-23 Lester Lamhut – KF4JBQ
Board Member 2021-23 Mike Maher KN4WQH

If you need contact info for any of these folks please see