Club Officers

Club Officers

The officers are nominated by a selection committee and voted on by the entire club membership. The officers serve a one year term and are eligible for re-election. Board members serve a two year term and also are eligible for re-election.

The 2023 slate is below, no other nominations were received. We want to thank outgoing officer Anne Miller KK4ICS, who held the treasurer position for many years, and outgoing board member Chuck Towles for their service to the club.

Officers for 2023:

President – Jack Lytjen, NW4TF

Vice President – Mike Hutson, KM4SPL

2nd Vice President – Lowell Rieger NY4D

Treasurer – Bill Elmore, KG4SZS

Secretary – Bryan Strickland, N4GSP

Trustee W4LHS – Jack Lytjen NW4TF

Trustee KK4SGC – Mike Hutson, KM4SPL

Board Member 2022-24 Paul Ecker – W2ECK
Board Member 2022-24 Kevin Bell – KW4B
Board Member 2021-23 Lester Lamhut – KF4JBQ
Board Member 2021-23 Mike Maher KN4WQH
Board Member 2023-2025 Tony Abruzzio – W4TYB
Board Member 2023-2025 Ralph Maggioni – KM4MCL

If you need contact info for any of these folks please see