2017 Field Day – Results/Pictures

To all who participated, thanks! Scroll down below the pictures for a summary.

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If you missed it, we wish you had been there.

I want to thank a lot of folks:

First of all, Paul Ecker KC2NYU made it all happen. Without his leadership and hard work we wouldn’t have had a Field Day.

Steve Penney was the man with the food plan and also kept us hydrated with plenty of liquids. Steve put together 2 lunches and the dinner in addition to operating and helping with setup and teardown. AND he got us the 100 point publicity bonus!

Bill DeLoach, Billy Elmore, Jack Lytjen, and Steve Penney did a great job on both setup and teardown, assisted by George Ibaugh, Ed Derst, Bob Plested, Ken Griffin, Ralph Maggione, Chuck Towles, Lester Lamhut, Steve Jonas, Bill Walter, and Kevin Bell. If I missed you, sorry, let me know.

Special thanks to Laurent KJ4HAK for bringing out big floor fans and mister fans on behalf of Coastal Health District. His attendance also gave us one of our 100 point bonuses for served agency attendance.

Lester Lamhut and Pat McGhie were co-safety officers and gave us complete coverage during the event. Another 100 point bonus!

Jack Lytjen got a self contained solar setup working and made our first 18 contacts on 40 meters with it. So that was yet another 100 point bonus.

Aaron Turner KM4TQD, Ben Taylor KM4CJQ, and Griffin Taylor KM4CWF gave us an extra 20 points each for youth bonus points.

Billy Elmore’s generator setup to charge the local batteries for the 80/15 and 40 stations, along with Bill DeLoach’s self contained trailer station on 20 all ran on emergency power, good for a 300 point bonus.

Owen, KK4VJX arrived in his work truck (a Savannah Fire truck) in the afternoon. Wish we could double dip the served agency bonus.

Thanks to all the guys and gals who brought a side dish or dessert for the dinner. And a special thanks to the Airport folks who made the site available to us.

When I’m done compiling the logs I’ll send another report with breakdowns by bands and operators. I do know we made 558 QSOs, all on phone, with a multiplier of two for low power, so qso points were 1116. Bonus points should come in at 1110 total. So it looks like the total score will come in at 2226.

Again, thanks to all who participated.

Lowell NY4D

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