General License Class

Starts Feb 16, 6:30 PM and runs for 4 Thursday evenings, end March 9.

at White Bluff Presbyterian Church, 10710 White Bluff Rd, Savannah, GA, 31406

ARRL General Licensing manual is the text resource for the class

VE Test Session scheduled for March 18, 9AM at same location.


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15 Responses to General License Class

  1. Kent Harper says:

    I would like to know when your next test session will be? Its time for me to upgrade to the General Ticket.

    • ny4d says:

      Kent I will pass your info on to Jerome in Guyton who is having regular test sessions

      Sorry for the delay, have been traveling and not able to get to club website.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi I would like to Hire someone to give me some one on one basic hand help ham radio training. I bought a TH-D74A and don’t know how to use it. Can anyone help?

    • ny4d says:

      Hi Chris, I will forward your request to club members. I only know one person locally who has this radio. Maybe youtube would be an option for you. There are lots of videos there on the TH-D74A. Lowell NY4D

  3. Scott Berry says:

    I am new to HAM radio and would love to learn more and get my license.

    • Jack says:

      Email Coastal ARS

      I will put on the mailing list to let you know when events are taking place and you can come


  4. David Dowd says:

    Hello my friend, David Dowd from Rincon ga here. I was forced to retire do tp health problems three years ago, I have always wanted to learn the hobby of ham radio, right now I only have a hand Baofeng uv-5re with a long antnia. I’m studying for my license now but can’t seem to get the radio programed! The instructions are terrible and I’m on electronic expert, not even close! Now that I have time on my hands I plan on getting a base station once I get my license. My question is can anyone help me program the radio I have now, I’ve tried the YouTube videos but they don’t really help. Please if someone could help me I would really appreciate it, thanks David!

  5. Mike says:

    When is the next training event and testing?

  6. Brett Erieg says:

    Yes, I’m interested in learning and attending the training. Please advise what all i need have to be ready to go Day 1!!

    • ny4d says:

      Brett, this info was regarding last year’s classes. At this time we do not have a general class license class scheduled. If you would email me at I can point you to some good online resources.
      Lowell NY4D

  7. John says:

    Is registration required? Costs?

    • Pat McGhie says:

      John, registration is NOT mandatory but it would be helpful to contact Lowell (NY4D) and advise hime if you are coming. There is no charge for the class but there is a $15 admin fee to take the test at the VE session.

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